Scharradgetriebe  von Rögelberg

Functional and high-performance

Rögelberg's success story dates back to the beginning of agricultural mechanisation. We have and continue to contribute to decisively shaping the further development of agricultural machinery technology. Today, drive solutions from Rögelberg are used in a multitude of soil processing, harvest and transport machinery: from tillers to power harrows, from hydraulic manure spreaders to loader wagons, from corn choppers to self-propelled sugar beet harvesters.

Gearbox examples

Motorabtriebsgetriebe von Rögelberg

Engine power take-off gearbox

Spur gearbox for power distribution in a corn chopper. The primary power is mechanically fed directly to the chopper drive. The power is also branched to different hydraulic lines.

Scharradgetriebe  von Rögelberg

Coulter gearbox

Double bevel gearbox for propelling both V-shaped arranged disc coulters using a hydraulic motor – e.g. in a self-propelled sugar beet harvester.

Kratzbodengetriebe von Rögelberg

Scraper floor gearbox

Multi-stage bevel-spur gearbox for the hydraulic scraper floor drive with a connection option for mounting two hydraulic motors in order to form a hydraulic shifting system – e.g. in a large universal spreader or a silage transport wagon.

Siebbandantriebsgetriebe von Rögelberg

Sieve belt drive gearbox

Bevel spur planetary superimposed gearbox, mechanically driven gearbox with additional hydraulic drive for superimposition for stepless speed adjustment – e.g. for the sieve belt drive in a potato harvester.

Kreiseleggen-Mittelgetriebe von Rögelberg

Power harrow centre gearbox

Speed-change gearbox for achieving two different gyroscopic speeds and for central power distribution to the left and right drive train – e.g. with a folding power harrow.

Planetenachsgetriebe mit integrierter Bremse und Sperrdifferential

Rear axle gearbox

Planetary axle gearbox with integrated brake and limited slip differential – e.g. for a yard or telescopic loader.

Seitliches Aufsteckgetriebe von Rögelberg

Side shaft-mounted gearbox

Spur gearbox for side mounting – e.g. for driving a spade shaft in a spading machine.


Loader wagon input gearbox

Bevel gearbox with bolt mounting for optional determination of a support force, which is a reference value for the torque – e.g. for a loader wagon.

Kegel-Stirnradgetriebe für die zusätzliche Leistungsverteilung in einem Maishäcksler

Intermediate gears

Bevel spur gearbox for additional power distribution in a corn chopper – integrated in the mechanical drive train to branch off the hydraulic power for the chopper front and rear feed.

Rührwerksgetriebe von Rögelberg

Agitator gearbox

Planetary gearbox between an electric motor and a stirrer blade – e.g. for propelling a submersible agitator in a biogas plant.

Pumpenantriebsgetriebe von Rögelberg

Pump drive gearbox

Spur gearbox, 2-stage for the same rotation direction of the input and output shaft – e.g. for the pump drive in a slurry tanker.

Lastschalt-Fahrgetriebe von Rögelberg

Powershift transmission

Shiftable planetary spur gear – e.g. for a yard loader.

Fräswalzengetriebe von Rögelberg

Milling drum gearbox

Double bevel gearbox for a central milling drum drive – e.g. in a tiller or in a scarifier.

Streutellergetriebe von Rögelberg

Spreading disc gearbox

Bevel gearbox with integrated torque sensor for a spreading disc drive – e.g. in a hydraulic manure spreader.

Kegelradgetriebeblock von Rögelberg


Bevel gearbox block – e.g. for driving a vertical spreader.

Vertical spreader gear set

Gear set consisting of different individually adjustable standard bevel gears – e.g. for driving the vertical spreader unit.

Universalstreuwerk-Getriebesatz von Rögelberg

Universal spreader gearbox set

Bevel gear set, among other things, with our central spreading device gearbox and multiple horizontal roller gearboxes – for example, for a large universal manure spreader.

Antriebsstrang von Rögelberg

Power train

Gear set, among other things, with our individually adjustable standard bevel gearboxes – e.g. for driving the cutting rotor unit and a horizontal roller in a loader wagon.


Planetary shift gearbox

Gearbox – e.g. for chop lengthvariation in a corn chopper.

Special gearboxes

Gearboxes are at the heart of countless machines. When standard gearboxes reach their limits, customised solutions from Rögelberg will get you a decisive step ahead.