Our strength: Special gearboxes

Motorabtriebsgetriebe von Rögelberg

10 steps to your individual gearbox solution

The world of gearboxes offers enormous variety and sophisticated solutions for a wide range of application areas. The most common gearboxes are, among others, spur gearboxes, bevel gearboxes, , bevel-spur gearboxes, planetary drives, speed-change gearboxes and axle gears, which can be combined in any way.

In many areas, "Basic" standard gearboxes do not always do the trick: This is when tailored solutions that account for the individual application are needed. As an experienced manufacturer of special gearboxes, this is exactly our core competence.

From the initial design up to and including the ready-to-ship product, only qualified specialists are involved in creating your special gearbox. On this page, we will show you exactly what the creation process looks like.

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1. Customer inquiry & project launch

You can contact us and schedule a meeting to discuss your needs. Once a rough outline for the project has been defined, we will draw up the first possible approaches for your special gearbox.

Konstruktion Sondergetriebe bei Rögelberg

2. Design &

During the design phase, our designers will discuss various options and determine whether your special gearbox can be realised on the basis of the adapted standard solution or whether a completely new design is needed.

Kalkulation einer Sondergetriebelösung bei Rögelberg

3. Calculation & quotation

We calculate the expenditure for your special gearbox solution and provide you with an initial specific quotation.

Technische Ausarbeitung einer Sondergetriebelösung bei Rögelberg

4. Details & further development

If our quotation appeals to you and you place an order with us, our designers begin the detailed, technical development of your special gearbox.

Ressourcenplanung bei Rögelberg

5. Procurement of materials & order coordination

Based on the detailed design plans, we begin internal resource planning and procuring materials.

Fertigung eines Sondergetriebes bei Rögelberg

6. Manufacturing & processing of the individual components

Thanks to our extensive selection of machinery, we are able to unite all steps of the manufacturing process under one roof. As a result, we don't just achieve a high level of efficiency when manufacturing your special gearbox, but also a consistently high level of product quality.

Qualitätssicherung bei Rögelberg

7. Quality assurance according to DIN ISO 9001

The quality of the manufactured components is subsequently verified once again in connection with our quality assurance operation (QAO) according to DIN ISO 9001.

Prototypenfertigung bei Rögelberg Getriebe

8. Prototypes & serial assembly

The production of prototypes and subsequent serial assembly is accompanied by the ongoing optimisation and adjustment of your special gearbox.

Individuelle Farbgebung eines Sondergetriebes bei Rögelberg

9. Individual

At our in-house paint shop, we paint your special gearbox in your colour of choice. We offer any colour from the RAL spectrum.

Rögelberg Getriebe-Versand

10. Packaging &

In the final step, your special gearbox is packaged ready to ship and makes its way to you.