Charakteristisches Verzahnungsbild eines Stirnradgetriebes

For us, handling special requests is the order of the day

Our "pure" spur gearboxes are used in a wide range of industries. Particularly in large vehicles and machines such as in corn choppers, stone crushers or fully electric trucks, this classic type of gearbox is often used for distributing or transforming power.

In order to enable angular offset, a high ratio in a small installation space or torque compensation, individual spur gear stages can of course also be combined with bevel gear stages, planetary stages or a differential.

While many manufacturers only cater to large series with their standard products, we are committed to fulfilling any and all of our customers' wishes, even for small series. Whether milled, straight-toothed or ground and helical spur gears for ultra-quiet running – when it comes to development, we provide exactly what your application requires.

Examples for spur gearboxes

Rögelberg Motorabtriebsgetriebe

Engine power take-off gearboxes

Spur gearbox for power distribution in a corn chopper. The primary power is mechanically fed directly to the chopper drive. The power is also branched to different hydraulic lines.

Rögelberg Brechergetriebe

Crusher gearbox

Spur gear with shiftable drive-through protected by a hydrodynamic coupling for actuating a pulley and multiple pump power take-offs – e.g. in a stone crusher.

Rögelberg Achsverteilergetriebe

Axle transfer gearbox

Spur gearboxes for hydrostatic actuation of the main axles with up to six hydro engines at the same time – e.g. for an underground wheel loader.

Rögelberg Pumpenverteilergetriebe

Pump splitter gearbox

Spur gearbox for branching the combustion engine power to various hydraulic pump power take-offs – e.g. in a waste compactor.

Rögelberg Summierungsgetriebe

Summation gearbox

Double spur gearboxes for driving a fully-electric truck. The gearbox cumulates the power of two electric engines on one output shaft and embodies the connection geometry of a comparable diesel engine at the output. As a result, e.g. the standard truck speed-change gearbox can still be used.

Rögelberg Kratzbodengetriebe

Scraper floor gearbox

Multi-stage spur gearbox for hydraulic or (with an additional mounting set) mechanical scraper floor operation – e.g. for a loading or silage trailer.

Seitliches Aufsteckgetriebe von Rögelberg

Side shaft-mounted gearbox

Spur gearbox for side mounting – e.g. for driving a spade shaft in a spading machine.

Rögelberg Rotor-Stirnradgetriebe

Rotor-spur gearboxes

Spur gearboxes with four spur gears as a gear reducer for our rotor planetary gearboxes – e.g. for powering a separating rotor unit in a loader wagon.


Snow blower reducer gear

Spur gear with doubled input shaft to change the direction of rotation (front/rear mounting) – e.g. for snow blowers.

Special gearboxes

Gearboxes are at the heart of countless machines. When standard gearboxes reach their limits, customised solutions from Rögelberg will get you a decisive step ahead.