Designed for maximum performance

Whether in road construction, in quarries or underground – heavy-duty construction work continually places great demands on the performance and durability of construction machinery and, as a result, on the reliability of gearboxes with high power transfer.

Gearbox examples

Rögelberg Brechergetriebe

Crusher gearbox

Spur gear with shiftable drive-through protected by a hydrodynamic coupling for actuating a pully and multiple pump power take-offs – e.g. in a stone crusher.


Axle transfer gearbox

Spur gearboxes for hydrostatic actuation of the main axles with up to six hydro engines at the same time – e.g. for an underground wheel loader.

Raupenfahrwerksgetriebe von Rögelberg

Crawler gearbox

2-stage planetary gearbox for actuating a crawler through the mounting of a gear ring – e.g. in construction machines with chains.

Hinterachsgetriebe von Rögelberg

Rear axle gearbox

Planetary axle gearbox with integrated brake and limited slip differential – e.g. for a farm or telescopic loader.

Fräsgetriebe von Rögelberg

Milling gear

Bevel-spur gearbox for actuating a milling rotor – e.g. in road milling.


Front axle gearbox

Electrically driven spur gear differential gearbox – e.g. for a large electric forklift.


Powershift transmission

Shiftable planetary spur gear – e.g. for a yard loader.

Special gearboxes

Gearboxes are at the heart of countless machines. When standard gearboxes reach their limits, customised solutions from Rögelberg will get you a decisive step ahead.