Achsgetriebe, charakteristisches Verzahlungsbild

New or customized

Whether an electric yard loader or monorail – in order for the torque to be transferred and also get to where it's needed, we create entirely new or customized axle gears for hydraulic or electric actuation.

Rögelberg's portfolio ranges from a pure axle intermediate component up to and including the complete axle including limited slip differential and braking system. Special designs such as portal axles can be created in this respect.

We are happy to develop and manufacture your special axle gear in close consultation with you. Experience our expertise and quality first hand! We look forward to your project request.

Examples for axle gearboxes

Hinterachsgetriebe von Rögelberg

Rear axle gearbox

Planetary axle gearbox with integrated brake and limited slip differential – e.g. for a yard or telescopic loader.

Rögelberg Monorail-Getriebe

Monorail gearbox

Narrow axle gear with bevel gear differential – e.g. as a main drive gearbox for multiple use in a monorail system.

Mehrstufiges Hinterachsgetriebe von Rögelberg

Rear axle gearbox

Multistage axle gear with a high ratio and bevel gear differential – e.g. for an electric yard loader.

Kegelrad-Differentialgetriebe mit integrierter Trommelbremse

Rear axle gearbox

Spur gear differential gearbox with integrated drum brake – e.g. for a small yard loader.

Elektrisch angetriebenes Stirnraddifferentialgetriebe von Rögelberg

Front axle gearbox

Electrically driven spur gear differential gearbox – e.g. for a large electric forklift.

3-stufiges Stirnraddifferentialgetriebe von Rögelberg

Rear axle gearbox

3-stage spur gear differential gearbox with electric motor mounted offset, parallel to the axle – e.g. for electric forklifts.

Special gearboxes

Gearboxes are at the heart of countless machines. When standard gearboxes reach their limits, customised solutions from Rögelberg will get you a decisive step ahead.