Schaltgetriebe, charakteristisches Verzahnungsbild

Manually, pneumatically, hydraulically or electrically shiftable

In order for multiple ratios to be realised, we of course also develop and manufacture bevel, spur and planetary gearboxes as speed-change gearboxes. As a result, many of our powershift and idle speed-change gearboxes are already in use, which can be actuated manually, pneumatically, hydraulically or electrically. Even continuously variable gearboxes using planetary superimposition stages are no problem for us.

When it comes to developing your machine or your vehicle, don't impose limits on yourself right from the very beginning. Enjoy the advantages of Rögelberg! Even for smaller series, we develop and manufacture a gearbox perfectly adapted to your application.

Examples for speed-change gearboxes

Pumpenantriebsgetriebe von Rögelberg

Pump drive gearbox

Spur gearbox, 2-stage for the same rotation direction of the input and output shaft – e.g. for the pump drive in a slurry tanker.

Lastschalt-Fahrgetriebe von Rögelberg

Powershift transmission

Shiftable planetary spur gear – e.g. for a yard loader.

Kreiseleggen-Mittelgetriebe von Rögelberg

Power harrow centre gearbox

Speed-change gearboxes for achieving two different gyroscopic speeds and for central power distribution to the left and right drive train – e.g. with a folding power harrow.

Fahrgetriebe von Rögelberg

Speed-change gearbox

Spur hydrostatic gearboxes can be integrated into a truck drive train for optional mechanical or stepless hydrostatic drive operation – e.g. for a road sweeper.

Schaltgetriebe von Rögelberg

Speed-change gearbox

Pneumatically shiftable 2-speed gearbox with shiftable drive-through and additional pump power take-off for connection to a combustion engine.

Motorabtriebsgetriebe von Rögelberg

Engine power take-off gearbox

Spur gearboxes with various hydraulic pump drives – e.g. for propelling a self-propelled wood chopper with powershift drive of the chopper rotor.

Special gearboxes

Gearboxes are at the heart of countless machines. When standard gearboxes reach their limits, customised solutions from Rögelberg will get you a decisive step ahead.