Rögelberg Pumpenverteilergetriebe

For a clean environment

Modern machines for environmentally responsible waste disposal or for forestry require gearbox solutions that offer high efficiency, reliable operational safety and durability.

Gearbox examples

Rögelberg Pumpenverteilergetriebe

Pump splitter gearbox

Spur gearbox for branching the combustion engine power to various hydraulic pump power take-offs – e.g. in a waste compactor.


Steel roller rotor gearbox

Bevel-spur gearbox with bearing for actuation of a rotating pivoting steel roller for shredding and compaction for recyclable wastes – e.g. for pack stations.

Motorabtriebsgetriebe von Rögelberg

Engine power take-off gearbox

Spur gearbox with various hydraulic pump drives – e.g. for propelling a self-propelled wood chopper with a powershift drive of the chopper rotor.


Speed-change gearboxes

Spur hydrostatic gearbox that can be integrated into a truck drive train for optional mechanical or stepless hydrostatic drive operation – e.g. for a road sweeper.

Special gearboxes

Gearboxes are at the heart of countless machines. When standard gearboxes reach their limits, customised solutions from Rögelberg will get you a decisive step ahead.